Pan Envy?


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Pan Envy?

DuffyH | Apr 7, 2014 08:42 PM

Ever made a good, sound purchase and then seen something better go on sale soon after? This happened to me this week.

About 2 weeks ago, Sam's Club got some pretty decent generic clad stainless frypans, with silicone handles. Nowhere near as thick as All-Clad, might be almost as thick as Cuisinart, but at a mis-marked $16.97 for the 10", a darn good buy all the same, one I easily pounced on, given that I lacked a 10" clad frypan.

This morning, what's in my email? SLT's Easter sale on Mauviel, with the M'collection de Cuisine (SLT-only version of M'Cook) 10" skillet on sale for $79. This one is 5 ply clad, and so thick, with that wonderful Mauviel handle, so sweet. Ah, well. I'll have to live with a bad case of Pan Envy.


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