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Pal's Takeaway [San Francisco]

DavidForer | Apr 29, 2009 03:17 PM

My previous post on Pal's got deleted by the CH censors. I guess they didn't like that I humoursly (IMHO) joked that I "knew" one of the owners from going to Andante at FP market. Let me clarify. I don't "know" him, don't even know his name, nor he me. I just know that he works for Soyoung and that he has this sandwich take-away place. I'm no Insider anywhere, except for maybe the Phone Booth ("Dave, you're cut off! Go home to your kids you lush!").

Anyway, I liked the two sandwiches I got there today. Roast beef with homemade horseradish, and a vietnamese chicken sandwich. The later was especially good, and I consider myself a bit of a Banh Mi fan. The menu is local, seasonal, organic style, in the 7-8 buck range per sannie. Really tasty, and welcome addition to the neighborhood.

It's across from Dynamo on 24th street.

... dave

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