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Palm Wine & Malta Hatuey


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Palm Wine & Malta Hatuey

rworange | Oct 17, 2005 12:07 AM

I was at the Nigerian Yam Festival today (it really IS time to cut back on Chowhounding) and these two beverages were available.

From the web, I found the info below on Malta Hatuey which is a malt beverage that is brewed like beer from barley malt and hops. It is not alcoholic though.

In addition to being popular in Africa, it is also a beverage that is consumed in the Caribbean, sometimes mixed with condensed or evaporated milk. It is high in calories (240 a bottle) and vitamin B.

I really liked the crispness of the carbonation, the deep cola color and the sweetness which did NOT remind me of molasses. There is only one problem for me … it smells EXACTLY like the dry cat food I feed my pet. Cant get over that. Was going to try to mix it with milk, but that would have just increased the volume.

Anyone have any thoughts about these beverages? There seem to be a number of different brands? Any you like better that don’t have that same ‘nose’.

The Palm Wine (emu) Omo-iya brand, reminded me of a cloudy sake. The bottle needs to be shaken before pouring. It was ok, but really didn’t taste like too much to me and had absolutely no buzz effect … and it was a large bottle. Any thoughts on Palm wine. Not much out there on the web. This being the US of A it was served with a plastic cup and not consumed out of the traditional gourd.

FYI, the yam festival is like our Thanksgiving, celebrating the harvest.

Wiki on Palm Wine


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