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Going Paleo for a month (kicking and screaming all the way…)


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Going Paleo for a month (kicking and screaming all the way…)

schrutefarms | Aug 23, 2014 11:56 AM

In September I'll be doing the Whole 30 diet. I have never in my 36 years given myself any restrictions when it comes to food-although I love veggies and fresh fruits, and cook moderately healthy meals most of the time, I also proudly heap full-fat cream cheese on my onion bagel, regard buffalo sauce as a food group, and will happily make a meal out of Trader Joe's frozen hors d'oevres. I have been blessed with pretty good genetics and have really never needed to lose weight, except maybe a pound or two here and there. However, 6 years ago I started getting severe allergies, which developed into severe sinus infections, which resulted in sinus surgery 3 years ago. The surgery helped, but not by much. My sinus issues have taken a front seat in my life, so much that it's difficult to even go to the movies-if one dust mite or perfume from someone triggers my allergies, I'm sneezing and sniffling the entire way through (sucks to be sitting near me!). I'm sick of having to live on Benedryl and Claritan-D, and figure out if I want to fall asleep or be cracked out for the next 12 hours. So the Whole 30 diet was suggested, and after reading up about it, it sounds like something I should do, to see if any of my issues are food-related. But Im scared!!! Any advice/recipes/success (or horror) stories for a Paleo newbie?? Thanks!! (Sorry, got a little long-winded!)

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