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Help with Paella Mixta

lilgi | Dec 3, 2011 03:51 PM

I have a version for a paella mixta that I love, posted below. I don't mind at all that the flavors are not traditional, this version was delicious and I don't have too many paella recipes that I enjoy, including a few versions by Casas. What I would like to do with this one is cook it in a traditional paella pan. I have a badly seasoned one (I'm terrible at seasoning pans) that measures 13" at the base and 15" at the top opening. Would I have to modify any of the rice/liquid quantities to cook in this pan? What about the time required? Ideally I would love to start it off on the stove and finish in the oven, but don't want to use the 10x15 glass dish that is required for the recipe.

I'm not sure that another recipe will help since I want to use the same ingredients. I use boneless/skinless thighs in the same quantity required and fry it in the bacon fat as indicated. I could do without the onions for a more garlicky flavor since I like to add aioli; haven't decided if I'll use them again or not. I'm fine with the selection and quantities of fish/shellfish here as well. I also use Bomba rice which is available nearby.

Idea would be to make the recipe work in my paella pan if possible, and definitely welcome any other suggestions aficionados may offer, even if this version may be heresy to some. Tia!

Recipe here:

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