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Paella on the grill fanatics! I need some advice!


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Paella on the grill fanatics! I need some advice!

hattie | Jul 19, 2004 07:09 PM

I've been searching Chowhound, googling, cross referencing cookbooks, but haven't come up with the information I need.
This summer we are dedicated to making fantastic seafood paella, ( since we are at the beach ) and have made good paella for years, but now I see that I really need to make it on a fire. So this opens up a whole new range of challenges.
The paella we made on Saturday tasted very good, but had some problems.
Here's what we did: I started it on the stove, sauteed chorizo, then chicken thighs in olive oil ( I know purists don't mix the meat and seafood, but we like it ), set them aside and sauteed onion and garlic. Then some diced tomato, then chicken broth with browned saffron, and the rice, seasonings, put the meats back and put it in the oven for 15 minutes. My husband got the fire to the right level, we threw on wood chips, and put the pan on the grill, adding first the clams, then partially cooked lobster, then mussels and squid. Then the peas and pimentos.
The problem was that the shellfish opened and added too much more liquid to the almost cooked rice, so we had to leave it on the grill longer, and the rice got mushy....but I hate the clams, etc to be overcooked and don't want to add it earlier. I'm thinking we might need to add it earlier and take it out until the end? Cook it separately? I love the flavor it adds, but it really ruins the texture....and I really want to achieve that wonderful crust.
Any advice would be much appreciated. We have willing testers lined up, so we're ready to experiment! Help!

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