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Packing cheese in a suitcase? How long will it last?

lulubelle | May 31, 2008 03:24 AM

Ok, here's the story. I live in Bangladesh, a lovely country in many respects, but not an easy place to get specialty food items. I am going home to Chicago this summer and want to bring food back with me. Now, I've brought back things all sorts of things like pastas and coffee before, even some sausages, but I what I really miss is cheese. I am guessing that I could pop a couple kilos of parm in my suitcase with no ill effects, but is there a way to bring back yummy, runny, decadent cheeses? Or am I doomed to another six months of Kraft cheddar from the commissary?

I have one of those mylar bags that they sell at Whole Foods, but they are only supposed to store foods for 3-4 hours, not the 24+ hours of travel that I will be undertaking. I also have to be conscious of the airline weight limits, so filling a suitcase with ice blocks isn't an option. How does dry ice work? Will it keep food cool, or only frozen solid? Can I freeze cheese?

Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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