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Which packaging scam annoys you the most

Jpan99 | May 29, 201206:51 AM

It's been going on for years, prices go up but package weight goes down. Cereal, candy, seems like all the sizes are smaller yet not the prices.

I'm particularly annoyed with cheese. The pre-packaged stuff, Cabot, Cracker Barrel, etc. Even my own store brand cheese. The 10 oz. bars are now 8 oz. (I'm wondering now if they were 12 oz. once upon a time...) yet the price has gone up. This became really apparent when my local grocery had their bars of cheese on special 2/$5 and they had both old (10 oz. bars) and new (8 oz. bars) on the shelf at the same time. I rummaged and grabbed all the 10 oz. bars in the flavors I was looking for, knowing full well it was the last time I would ever see them! That's a 20% reduction in product for the same or more money. Bleh!

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