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packages of crap on the table


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packages of crap on the table

mrranchcuisine | Aug 15, 2001 10:55 AM

all right,
here is what is really been bugging me.
is seeing a bowl on a restaurant table filled with these packages of nutrasweet,sacarin, supra, whatever and one pack of sugar. they are almost everywhere, except in some highend places.
are the owners telling us we need to use them. are there that many diabetics or dieters that real sugar has been completely displaced.
why am i forced to stare at these packs.
why cant they be simply off the table until someone requests them. the same for the salt and peppers shakers.
if i want sugar with my coffee i will ask for it and expect a small bowl of sugar with a spoon.
i also strongly dislike places leaving little jelly packs out so you can have them with your toast.
i have even seen this done in europe.
i know iam whining a bit but it seems that the little things are what bug me the most.

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