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What to pack for road trip?


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What to pack for road trip?

amy3 | Jun 12, 2002 01:52 PM

I am moving to Portland from Madison at the beginning of next month. I'll be driving across the country with 1 friend and 2 cats. Because it'll be hot out, I can't leave the cats in the parked truck for more than a few minutes. I don't like fast food, so I'm hoping to be able to avoid it as much as possible. That pretty much leaves me with the option of bringing my food.

So. Here is a chowhound challenge... What should I bring with me?

The available resources are:
-regular grocery stores
-Whole Foods
-small co-op
-huge farmer's market that I will go to the Sat. before leaving
-a cooler
-ice from motels
-possibility of stopping at grocery stores at night, depending on where we end up each day

The obstacles are:
-only one small cooler
-travel partner is vegetarian
-I am hypoglycemic, and so need as much protein and fiber as possible to avoid feeling yucky
-the trip will involve 3 full days and 1 short morning of driving

Bonus points will be awarded for:
-using as little peanut butter as possible
-including foods that can't get crushed, and so can be crammed wherever
-reasonably wide variety of food

Any suggestions at all would be very much appreciated. Please save me from three days of peanut butter sandwiches, pretzels, and dried fruit!

In addition, if anyone knows any good places to stop on I-90 between Madison and Portland, that would also be great.


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