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"Oxyleotris Mamorata" any one??!! O Mei has it!


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"Oxyleotris Mamorata" any one??!! O Mei has it!

Charles Yu | Nov 30, 2017 06:37 PM

Had one of the freshest and tastiest fish dish in Toronto yesterday at O Mei, Richmond Hill

'Oil Poached live Oxyleotris Mamorata (aka Thai Goby Fish or Soon-Hock in Chinese ) with a scallion, cilantro premium soya dipping sauce'

The fish was very lightly battered and oil poached to super crispiness. Every part of the fish....head, fins and bones included, were so crispy/crunchy that they can be eaten like cracklings! The white flaky meat was moist, sweet and has a slight chewy feel... gorgeous!

At $69.99 for about a two pounder. The dish was not cheap and just big enough to feed seven. However the rarity and its uber-tastiness was IMO worth every dollar!

Having the fish dissected and portions served to us individually by owner Ringo was a great gesture and professional touch!

Omei Restaurant
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