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OXO covered ice cube trays

rworange | Oct 29, 2005 01:22 PM

Yeah this is stupid, but I'm SO impressed with these ice cube trays, I thought I'd post.

The link is below. I've been looking for these since I remembered a mention in an article I was reading about ice.

These are just SO well designed. On top of this, the instructions are excellent on the package. Come on guys, no wasted bandwidth about someone reading instructions about how to use an ice cube tray.

However, I would not have intuitively picked up that you can release the exact number of cubes you want without reading the instructions.

If you look at the link below, there is a little tab that sticks out allowing odd numbered cubes like three.

I was looking for the covered feature, so I could stack them and so that the ice would not evaporate. Also this avoids someone stacking frozen chicken directly on top of the water. The ice is protected from the gunk in the freezer.

Anyway, Target sells these - $3.99. Can also be ordered on line.

I need to look into some other OXO products now.

Link: http://www.oxo.com/catalog/product_in...

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