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Overwriting 'View By" on forum boards


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Overwriting 'View By" on forum boards

rworange | Jun 26, 2006 09:21 AM

This is informational should someone else ask this question.

If there is overwriting and funny characters on the top of the board that has

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Select a smaller text size in your browser or however you choose to select a text size.

I hate using glasses, so my Interet Explorer menu is set to

View / Text Size / Largest

When it is set like that the words "Date Started" have some sort of overwriting that makes those words impossible to read.

I was wondering why no one reported that error and thought it had been fixed when I changed to a smaller text size for Chowhound ... my eyes aren't THAT bad ... really, the smallest text size is working just fine for me with the new software.

Playing around with all the text sizes available on my browser, changing the font to any text size other than "largest" will remove the overwriting.

Text size / Larger isn't that much smaller should your eyes need HUGE text.

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