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Am I Oversensitive?

jlafler | Mar 23, 200803:00 PM

“So it's a big slice of bread, covered in crushed cookies, and sugar sauce? Does it come with two free syringes of insulin or do they just amputate a toe when you pick it up/have it delivered?”

“Know anyone with diabetes? Have they had any feet/legs cut off yet?” http://www.chow.com/grinder/4641 (comments)

“It's no surprise that some of these people have said "enough." All of them better, or else they'll be rolling into the next tacqueria in a wheelchair after having undergone a couple of diabetic amputations.”

I can understand why amputation is the complication of diabetes that attracts the most prurient attention. But do I really need to explain why it's obnoxious to make jokes about it, imply that it's inevitable, or imply that it's deserved?

The rampant mockery of and disgust for fat people on Chowhound is bad enough. This is just sick.

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