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Am I overreacting? (sushi rant)


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Am I overreacting? (sushi rant)

Scagnetti | Mar 10, 2005 10:40 AM

Last evening, I was dining in a respectable sushi restaurant in Dallas. Just a few chairs away from me were a family of three who looked somewhat out of place. All were dressed in shorts and tee shirts, Mom had one of those bright, two-tone dye jobs on her hair and Dad looked totally indifferent. Now I’ve lived in Texas many years and I know this state prides itself on its unsophisticated style of life i.e., the millionaire driving a beat-up pickup truck so nothing I see really surprises me anymore. Anyway, this family had their obligatory iced tea and empty sugar packets laying everywhere and was patiently being guided through their meal by one of the sushi chefs. At one point they were served a roll with salmon wrapped around the outside and dressed with a sauce. Well Mom commences to deconstruct the roll separating the rice, salmon, and other contents. I was agog. Even the sushi chef looked miffed. Now I don’t expect everyone who goes to a sushi restaurant to be a sushi aficionado but doesn’t food, painstakingly prepared, deserve some kind of honor? Am I overreacting? Is this an American cultural thing – eat what you want, how you want, where you want?

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