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How do you overlook a restaurant owners' behavior?

cooking4watts | Jan 17, 201201:32 PM

This past Saturday night, I made plans to meet a good friend and several others to celebrate her birthday. We live an hour apart and made reservations at a favorite restaurant that is in between but certainly favors her - it's her birthday! It's a neighborhood bistro and prides itself on making upscale comfort food from local ingredients. We love the chef - he is a genius and we have frequented this restaurant a good bit in the past 3 years that it has been open.
I made the friend a birthday cake. She claims to "not like sweets" but will eat anything that is chocolate. I think that everyone should get the opportunity to blow out candles and make a wish on their birthday so I make A LOT of birthday cakes - from scratch, made with love.
My husband and I arrived at the restaurant about 20 minutes before our reservation with the intent of having a pre-dinner cocktail. I made the mistake of not calling ahead about the cake and when we arrived the hostess / owner gave me a dirty look and told me they preferred to not bring dessert into their restaurant. She then went on to tell me that they do something special for birthdays and that it was not to serve "outside cake."
I quickly returned the homemade cake to the car and went back in for a cocktail - excited to see what they would produce for the birthday girl.
We had a nice dinner with several bottles of wine and multiple courses. When it was time for dessert, our server came to ask if anyone wanted anything. I was hoping that she would produce the very special birthday surprise. She never did.
The owner made a point of bringing the chef out of the kitchen to speak with several tables but avoided our party. She has yet to say thank you for dining with us or thank you for understanding our policy. And she has yet to come wish our friend a happy birthday.
We passed on dessert and went to parking lot to give the cake (and candles ready to light!) to our friend and went on our ways - not having a place close by to share dessert.
Should I still be miffed and frustrated or should I just forget about it as my husband keeps urging me to do? And should we continue to frequent the restaurant? We really like the chef!!! And finally, should I contact the restaurant and air my frustration - knowing that I am expecting nothing in return since our bill is paid and the night is over.
Any advice or suggestions are welcome....

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