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Overkneading in Kitchenaid? Second rising?


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Overkneading in Kitchenaid? Second rising?

Denis | Mar 23, 2006 04:06 PM

This relates to my effort to make lowfat naan bread the other day, which I posted about. Basically, I'm wondering if the bread was tough because of the lower fat ingredients, or if it was because I overkneaded it or soemthing in my Kitchenaid mixer, which I'd never used before. Also, I know nothing about baking.

Here's what happened. The recipe I was working from said to mix the ingredients together for 10-15 minutes until the dough was smooth and elastic, but it didn't say to use any machinery, so I'm assuming this meant to indicate mixing and kneading more or less by hand. I put my ingredients in the mixer, mixed them until a dough formed, and then put the dough hook on and let it go until it was smooth, but as indicated the bread came out kind of dense and tough, so I'm wondering if maybe using the mixer wasn't wise, or if I used it wrong or for too long.

Also the mixer and the (pretty unstable) table it was on were rocking around some during the dough hook phase and the bowl for the mixer was pretty stuck in its slot and the end--another outcome I'd like to avoid.

Finally, the recipe I used provided for letting the dough rise just once, but I just saw another that said to let it rise twice. What's the benefit of the second rising?

Sorry if these questions are basic but any quick thoughts would be welcome. I'm planning on trying to make the naan again tonight, and I'm sure the project would benefit greatly from the communal wisdom.

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