Not About Food 167

Overheard at next table...."Sorry, your card has been decined..."

gryphonskeeper | Oct 25, 200907:47 PM

I was out at lunch at a local favorite lunch spot, and overheard a very young couple obviously on a first date in the booth behind me.

The server came over after he paid with his debit card, and said "sorry sir, your card has been declined... do you have another card you want to use... or cash?" He turned beet red, and fumbled in his wallet, and mumbled " I thought I had $17 dollars in that account..." His date fumbled though her purse, and they were pulling out ones and some change..

I got up, and walked over the the manager and told him I wanted the bill on my tab, and to tell the young couple that they are all set, and to go about enjoying the date, I asked her nicely to please say it was a card read error, as not to humiliate that boy on a first date, but to let him know discreetly he should check his balance before a date.

As a bartender I see lots of declined cards.. mostly from deadbeats,(Oh I hated that... my manager always took it out on us the next day, plus we got stiffed on tips.. UGH) but you could tell this was a good kid just trying like heck to bring a date out.

I was wondering if it was just because I know what its like to have less than $18 in the bank, or because I think everyone should have a good first date, but how many others would be sneaky like me and do this random act. I would be willing to bet VERY high with this group!

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