Oven doesn't light but burners work.. any thoughts?


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Oven doesn't light but burners work.. any thoughts?

iluvcookies | Jan 14, 2010 07:18 AM

Hi all
after a quick search of this board, here the situation:

We have a GE gas stove with electric ignition, probably about 15 years old (it came with the apt)
Used the oven last night without any problem to make some fries. Later on I turned it back on to make some slice and bake cookies and it never turned on. Now the oven was still a little warm from the earlier use so I didn't notice it right away. The gas burners work fine, and there was no gas smell from the oven. It just didn't turn on.

Tried again this morning and still no oven. No noise, no gas smell, nothing.

Anyone have a similar experience? I will call for service after the weekend, but just hoping that this was something DH or I could tackle ourselves

Thanks in advance... any links would also be appreciated (the GE site seems to be mostly for newer appliances, I might have to dig deeper there)

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