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Oven Fire and Baked-On Eggs

Tehama | Apr 20, 2008 11:34 AM

Hi all!

My friend just called and had experienced an oven fire she believes was from too much olive oil leaking and then haven gotten into the base of her oven and then combusting. Apparently the fire is out now, but any tips on how exactly to clean this up - or is a traditional oven cleaner the best method?

And on my end, I have a traditional Calphalon small fry pan (not-coated with a non-stick surface). Have used this pan for years. However, about three days ago I was scrambling some eggs and the remains have adhered to this pan to such a degree it is like there are globs of superglue all over the inside of my pans. I have tried scraping, soaking, and every single idea I can come up with to clean this pan. Any ideas on how to get it back in shape?

Thanks so much!

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