Oven not cooking from bottom


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Oven not cooking from bottom

pastry2016 | Jul 30, 2016 07:09 PM

Hi everyone. I have a cheap apartment oven that has failed to cook the underside of turkey and chickens many times. It bakes just fine - cookies, custards, roast veggies are no problem. It will not cook large meat from the bottom. Ex: room temp turkey, preheated oven for over an hour, checked real oven temp with attached thermometer - turkey in oven on bottom rack for a few hours turning golden brown up top but nearly raw on the bottom. Turkey was on a rack in a roasting pan. This has also happened when I try to roast a whole chicken in a skillet.

Anyone have any idea what the deal is? I've called a repair man, he looked at it and because there IS fire coming from the bottom, said it should work. It doesn't. Is this typical of cheap ovens? I've never had this problem before.
Oven is a baseline gas Whirlpool, bought for around $600 3 years ago - no more warranty. There is no heating element on the bottom of the oven - just a metal plate that covers the gas burner. It also will NOT heat up baking stones.

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