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Outrageous Hyperbole


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Outrageous Hyperbole

a_and_w | May 18, 2010 09:10 AM

Question to my fellow Chowhounds: what's the best way to deal with outrageous hyperbole? I'm talking about when people go out of their way to make provocative claims like the following:

What's the right way to respond to people who claim that a place you love is "[a] great place to take white people that are just getting comfortable with the idea of wontons"? That's a particularly egregious example, but it also sets my blood boiling when people claim that someplace I know is great is actually "terrible" based on a single visit and won't acknowledge the possibility of an off night. I think these posts represent the worst side of Chowhound, and they are quite common, unfortunately. How do I restrain my overwhelming impulse to flame these posters?

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