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Help outfit a completely bare kitchen!

SarachkaInBrooklyn | Jun 23, 201210:26 AM

Hello, Chowhound!

I have been lurking on this site for about a year but figured it was time I started posting.

My significant other and I have finally procured the apartment of our dreams in lovely Park Slope. However, both of us are fairly young, and although we have lived sans parents in various situations over the past few years, we have no kitchen tools or gadgets that we can bring along to our new place to help outfit our kitchen. Essentially, we are starting from scratch - we have a few sets of water glasses, but that is about it.

I thought I would be able to compile a basic list of what we would need, but looking through what is in my parents' kitchen has caused me to become a bit overwhelmed. Money is a bit tight right now, and we plan on adding things over time, including replacing cheaper things when we have the money.

I love to cook and bake, by the way, and have done a lot of both growing up, but have always had many tools at my disposal. I would like to continue doing so, and although I realize I might have to become a bit creative, (and I would love to hear about multi-purpose tools, or tools that double/triple as something else even if it's unorthodox!) I would like to have a cheaply, but somewhat well outfitted kitchen.

So, hounds, I would like to hear what you consider necessary tools to outfit a kitchen! Pots/pans (what type, and how many?) dishware/glasses (what type, how many?) kitchen gadgets, etc., and tips on where to get them cheaply, even if they only last for the next year or so (we are hoping to be able to replace with better quality by then). Also, if so inclined, a ranking from most important to least? Thanks for the help!

*Mods, I put this in Cookware, but I'm not sure if it's better suited for General Topics. Please adjust accordingly! Thanks!

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