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Outback - BLAHHHHH!!!!!!


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Outback - BLAHHHHH!!!!!!

jfood | Oct 25, 2006 01:48 AM

Wantd something quick to take back to my hotel room an watch game 2 and play on chowhound. Outback across the street, look up on the web and do my normal hedging on dinner.

- Heard lots of good things about the Bloomin Onion, one in the bag
- Reading on CH thought the steak may be OK, went with the PH Med-Rare
- Always like to try ribs, thought I'd get the app size but what the heck, I'm alone and went for the dinner size
- What the heck have some wings too, what's baseball w/o wings

Report -

- Bloomin Onion was way over the top salty. What the heck is in that dipping sauce, Blah "Zero points"
- Same cook must have made the wings, tasted like they brined it after they cooked them, Blah "Zero points"
- Steak. Hooray they cooked it medium-rare. The filet side wasn't bad. The strip side was inedible, a huge vein of grizzle throughout. "0.5 points"
- Ribs - not bad, at least i can give it an integer on the Jfood meter. "3 points"

All in all a very disappointing set of dishes.

Whay do people like this place?

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