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Ouch! When you're hurt and can't cook.


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Ouch! When you're hurt and can't cook.

cayjohan | Jun 24, 2007 12:13 AM

A recent surgery left me without the use of my dominant hand for the past month, meaning no typing (my livelihood depends upon it), no undue use of my right hand ( and I am soooooo right-handed), and no “hard” pressure on said right hand (oh, I want to use my knives!). Thank goodness I could still “click” and read Chowhound.

The worst was not being able to cook, which I do (did? do now...hopefully?) daily and with great use of both my hands. I am able now to do most of what I could - still healing - but want to type out this question of interest to me: Have any of you CHs been prevented (by some means) from cooking, how did it affect you, and how did you deal with it?

My family was wonderful with my injury and the Hub stepped up to cook (not his forte; he has other strengths), but still I was “itchy” to cook. Drove me nuts sometimes. Yes, I have my controlling issues in the kitchen!

So, has anyone been put on sabbatical from their own kitchen and hated it? How did you deal with it? How did you get back into the kitchen groove while others said “ Naw, don’t cook; we’ll make X?


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