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Otto Enoteca Pizzeria - Venetian Review

LisaN | Oct 11, 201109:54 PM

Ate there this past weekend, and I can't believe how bad the service was. The food was good, but the service was not.

We were seated towards the side near the back, and behind us were 2 other tables that the waitstaff had to keep squeezing by us to get back there. Annoying.

Our drinks were not kept filled, in fact, I think the waitress only asked once if we needed anything. Other than that, she would walk by us very quickly and just say Enjoy. At once point another table was madly and frantically waving their arms to get her attention, so she went over there to help them, and promptly disappeared before taking our dessert order. She was gone quite awhile. When she did come back, she took our order, but didn't write it down. Time goes by, she comes back and double checks my order, and said, Oh, I got it wrong then, I'll have to put it in again.

The restaurant was not that busy, and this type of service was inexcusable in my book. Especially at the prices you are paying. I know its Vegas, everything is overpriced, but for a casual restaurant some prices were high for what you got (mostly talking about dessert)

We ordered an appetizer of fried eggplant. The order was much bigger than I expected. The waitress asked if I wanted dipping sauce with it, so I said yes. Turns out that dipping sauce was an extra $2. Thats fine, but I hate when restaurants do that, I feel like I'm getting the wool pulled over my eyes. Eggplant and sauce were delicious.

We got a margherita pizza which was FABULOUS! Crust, sauce and cheese were perfect!

the 2 salads were good, and decently sized (we got 2 smalls instead of sharing a large one)

Dessert, we each got a trio of gelato. One combo was chocolate malt, espresso and graham cracker. Second set was huckleberry sorbet, concord grape sorbet and vanilla gelato. Each item tasted great, but the portions were skimpy for the accompanying price tag of $12 each set. I know they are using local ingredients etc. But when 2 desserts tally $24 they better be mind blowing and they weren't. The portions were very small for the price as well, it wouldn't have filled a custard cup.

I would go back for the pizza, that was totally worth it. I was just expecting better service.

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