Osterizer Blender Problems


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Osterizer Blender Problems

cowboyardee | Jun 12, 2010 11:15 AM

Sometime this fall, after a friend managed to melt my last blender, I bought myself an Osterizer 10-speed.
For a cheap model, it performed well - I was happy with its power/cost and also the downward-facing blades that don't leave chunks in the bottom of the blender.

But after just a few months of moderate use, the plastic screw-on base of the 'jar' cracked and slowly started leaking before finally breaking in two and spewing scalding hot soup all over my kitchen when I went to pick it up out of its base (admittedly my fault as I probably shouldn't have been using it at that point). Here is the piece that broke.

I figured that the problem was probably over-tightening on my part. Not that I ever made a conscious effort to get it super-tight, but I ordered a replacement (at nearly $15 after shipping) and vowed to be extra careful not to overtighten. So of course I was rather annoyed to have the same problem a month or two later. I put it together correctly. Did not over-tighten. Heck, I rarely even took it apart in cleaning.

So my questions.
1) I figure this is probably a popular model. Has anyone else had this problem? (Amazon reviews lead me to believe so - they also make it sound like Osterizers only recently switched to using such shoddy plastic caps).

2) I'm under the impression that most Osterizer blenders feature interchangeable parts. Is that same little black plastic ring P.O.S. featured on other Osterizer models? And do they have the same problem?

3) Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap blenders. Usually the standard recommendation around here seems to be the Osterizer. I want power, durability, reliability. And affordable - a vita prep is, sad to say, not in the cards.

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