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Osteoporosis Diet: Anti-Inflammatory? Low-Acid?

bonoeuf | Aug 10, 2013 03:15 PM

Please don't scold me for asking about this at a food site. :) I know you are not my physicians and that I must do my own research.
It's just that there is *so much* knowledge and experience here that I can't help asking for your help.

I am trying to put together an eating lifestyle that addresses osteoporosis and general disease prevention. Trying to reduce animal product, processed food, and salt consumption. Not interested in eating loads of soy, though some is ok.
While I believe in many cases an "everything in moderation" approach is good, I also believe that there are specific things I can be eating or avoiding to help myself.

If you have similar concerns/goals, will you please share ideas, resources, advice?
I am becoming overwhelmed by my reading and beginning to confuse things. Ugh
I apologize if this is too vague. Basically looking for your take on eating for osteoporosis prevention or reversal.

Thanks very much!

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