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Osaka in Northampton, MA


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Osaka in Northampton, MA

J. Taber | Oct 26, 2003 02:18 PM

This place has unexceptional sushi and a clean interior-- that's about all I can say in favor of it...

The staff was the rudest group of people I have ever seen in one restaurant. From the moment we entered, I could feel the rudeness from the anti-Host who ignored us for a good minute and then coldly showed us to our table. This was more or less excusable; no big deal...

When we ordered, we learned that even though we were ordering more than enough sushi for 2 people (there were two of us), we would only get one small bowl of miso soup. Well, I never! So we ordered a second that we had to pay for... still not the end of the world, just cheap and a pathetic way to run a Japanese restaurant, if you ask me.

The worst part of the whole experience was at the end of the meal, when, while in the process of eating the last piece of Teka Maki on the tray, our waiter started grabbing the platters and asking us in a rude, clipped Japanese, "You want check now, or you order more food?" I quickly ate the last piece just before he grabbed the platter and asked if we wanted some more tea, would we have to pay for it (figuring we would at this ridiculous place!). He said, "No, you don't have to pay. You want order more food, YES OR NO?!!!" I'm not making this up. This menial, minimum wage earner was snapping at me! Unacceptable. In shock, I said to him, "No we aren't going to order any more food." I then asked him if he had ever heard of the expression 'service with a smile', and he said, "I just trying to free up tables"! THE NERVE!!!

Needless to say, there was no tip for this impolite imbecile and I will never return to this fortress of rudeness when I'm in the area.

I have lived in New York, Los Angeles, and New England and I have never experienced a ruder waiter in my life. The thing that gets me is that the place was packed (that's why this idiot was trying to rush us out of there). I guess when you're one of the only games in town, you can treat the customers like crap, include one bowl of miso soup for two people, and the suckers'll come back for more.

In bigger cities, there's a little thing called competition-- it forces places to be nice and treat the customers as they should be treated, because if they don't, they lose customers and go out of business (something I would love to see happen to this dump next time I'm in the area, though it probably won't).

How much DO you tip the whipper, my friends?

P.S.-- What ever happened to that Ichiban place that used to be around the corner? I always had a great time at that place. The waitstaff was nice and the sushi was not bad at all. A shame it's gone.

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