Organizing tips for the refrigerator--please chime in!


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Organizing tips for the refrigerator--please chime in!

toodie jane | Dec 3, 2006 04:30 PM

After reading all the inventive and thoughtful kitchen organizing tips, I am hoping we can move to my nemisis: The Refrigerator.

I am the Imelda Marcos of condiments and my refrigerator shows it.

Condiments--they are all indispensible (;-p), but they leave precious little room for anything more . Like meats, breads, nuts, leftovers. (we do have a three-day rule on leftovers, and DH and I are good about using them for lunches, so they don't become science experiments. Very often.

I have adjustable glass shelves, so condiments are organized by type and bottle height. Very small or short jars go into the door shelves and all have permanent homes. It's the larger bottles and jars that are my nemisis. I purge about every three months or so if something bought at the spur of the moment has not been used more than once.

I have a meat drawer that's used for lunch meats and cheeses and two crisper drawers, usually full.

There are just DH and I in the household and it is a fairly large single door fridge with a bottom freezer.

What strategies do you use to manage your fridge? DH is pretty exasperated at the stacking that goes on....any help would be appreciated.

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