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I Need to Get Organized


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I Need to Get Organized

JIm Leff | Nov 20, 2005 09:41 PM

This thread is dedicated to our own Bob(TM), who is tortured by my complete inability to organize paper. Whenever he asks me to send him copies of this or that bill or statement, he's come to expect a hapless shrug. It's bad. And I need to change...for the sake of keeping this party going smoothly.

I'll never reach the point where I open, study, and carefully file each paper as it comes in. But if I could just file stuff where I could get what I need when I need it, it would be a huge start.

Here's my current system. There is:

1. The Drawer (where bills, statements, contracts, receipts etc. go)

2. the pile of stuff that won't fit in the drawer

3. the hidden piles of stuff moved out of sight because friends were coming over, and....

4. the boxes of papers into which I throw the hidden piles every once in a while in utter frustration.

Surprisingly, this system isn't working. What's the industrial strength solution?

I'm not sure a filing cabinet is the solution; i need flexibility to drop tons of, say, electric bills, but also many categories encompassing only one or two pieces of paper.

Scanning and organizing on computer sounds great, but I'm just not ever going to do it.

For extra points, what do I do with the four packing boxes (containing sundry items) I've dragged from apartment to apartment, never unpacking? I guess I could just throw them away unseen, but that seems wasteful. "Ebay" is a great solution I never get around to using. The problem is all the objects therein are sort of unique, and can't be grouped with things.

Thanks for any advice. You can recco books if you'd like, but I'm not looking for a lifestyle overhaul (I'm not living in Silence of the Lambs conditions, able to access the bathroom only via narrow lanes through 10 foot stacks of old newspapers and pizza's not that bad). I'm mostly hoping there's some thingee I can buy that lets me drop things into containers in a way that makes sense.


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