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foodiex2 | Feb 24, 2006 03:14 PM

The TJ's thread below got me thinking. When is “organic" really worth it and is buying "organic" truly better than buying local?? Do the 2 serve the same purpose??

The reason I ask is that I have never bought "organic" milk. I have milk delivered from a local dairy who, for whatever reason, can not label their milk "organic" even though the farm used no hormones, etc.

Also, I would always choose a locally grown item before an "organic" one that has been trucked 1/2 way across the country. I know some people think that organic tastes better but I still think an apple off a local tree picked that day or a few days before tastes better than an organic one that has been trucked from CA. Even it was picked/boxed and shipped the same day that it is picked it takes the average trucker 65 hours to reach Boston. The chances of it getting in my hand in less than 3 days are slim. Never mind the gas, etc expended to get it to me.

To me supporting local is better than supporting conglomerate owned “organic” companies even if it means living with out off season goods. Now, I know that I am lucky to have the options and that many don’t have the choice. I also know that sometimes in February I do crave those gorgeous looking Fla strawberries I see in the market. And when I give in to my craving I usually spring for organic but during strawberries season here; if my choice is local/non organic or CA organic I will choose local every time.

So if you do have the choice what do you choose? Local before organic or does organic always rule?

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