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organ meats?


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organ meats?

abowes | Jan 2, 2007 04:07 PM

Since coming to chowhound sometime last year, the topic of organ meats has often come up, and I've found the idea more and more intriguing (i.e. "I should try that"). People seem almost orgasmic over the thought of foie gras.

Here's the thing - I've tried and absolutely hate liver (chicken and beef are the only one's I'm aware I've tried), and had chicken gizzards and hearts (both intentionally, to try; and inadvertently, when included in rice dressing or gumbo without my knowing) and hope never to again!

So, given this, should I just rule out organ meats, or are they significantly different in taste/texture among the different organs/animals? Have people who despise liver loved foie gras???

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