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Ordering Sushi

Dave | Oct 15, 2005 01:19 AM

I am frustrated and very intimidated by ordering Sushi at different restaurants. I have several issues. I know what I like but often it's not on the menu or on the daily board. Sometimes things are described differently at different restaurants. At times they have type of roll but no description of it anywhere. How can I possibly know what it is unless they tell me? Also as an example, I wanted a "cooked scallop hand roll." The chef said he didnt make them. Come to find out he did make them but his description was a "baked scallop hand roll." Is this such a big difference that he could not have communicated this to me? Also what do I do when the sushi chef speaks no english? A place down the street has supposidly great sushi but I cant figure out how to communicate with the chef. Is there a method or an etiquette to ordering sushi? Where I came from you sat at the bar and told the chef what you wanted. There were no papers to fill out. It was simple. The place I go to now or rather the place I am trying to get used to makes you fill out an order form for the first order but when you reorder you just tell the chef your order. Why?

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