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Ordering a Short at Starbucks?


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Ordering a Short at Starbucks?

ziggylu | Oct 29, 2007 06:41 AM

Seriously what's the secret to actually getting a short?

When we lived in Seattle it was simple since it was on the menu board. we've been gone 7 years son maybe even there it's not possible anymore?

In AZ I've gone round and round with them periodically over the years...they have the cups as they use them for the kid's drinks but always refuse to make a drink in one unless it's on the kid's menu...screws up the inventory they say.

We're in FL right now...there's a Starbucks in our hotel so it's quick and convenient on the way out in the morning. I ordered a Short Americano yesterday. The counter person confirmed "short americano" The barista repeated "short americano" while making hte drink...then handed me said drink saying "short americano" a tall cup.

Do shorts not exist anymore anywhere?

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