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Ordering several appetizers instead of a main course


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Ordering several appetizers instead of a main course

hyperbowler | Mar 26, 2013 11:59 AM

Zeitgeist sucker that I am, I'm developing some kind of small-plates chauvinism. Or maybe I just don't get excited by a big hunk of protein. Either way, I'm rarely wowed by the main courses at restaurants, especially at higher end places.

From a restauranteur or servers standpoint, is it bothersome when a customer orders only starters and first courses? I'm not talking about taking up a table and ordering one appetizer, I'm referring to ordering a full meals worth of food.

Is it disrespectful to turn a 3 course place into a tapas restaurant, and in the same way as asking the chef to customize dishes to meet your picky eating habits? Or to the contrary, does the markup happen more for starters, and do restaurants benefit from this type or ordering? Should the tip be adjusted?

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