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"That's What You Ordered!"


Not About Food 138

"That's What You Ordered!"

Jim Leff | May 25, 2009 08:00 AM

Does anyone have a graceful way of handling situations where a server mis-hears an order and (with attitude) insists you asked for it as they brought it?

It's such a crazy reaction (why would I order something I didn't want?)....and one which often reduces me to sputtering aggravation....which I'm always afraid might make me sound like an imperious "don't-you-dare-contradict-me-you-insolent-servant" sort of customer. It's not that I resent being contradicted, of's just the whole wrong craziness of the situation.

There's got to be a graceful way to handle it that clears the air. Last time it happened, I kinda discombobulated: ("Yes, come to think of it, you're right! Y'know, I have trouble controlling what comes out of my mouth! La-la-la-bla-bla-fwa-fwa-fwa......see? Anything can come out at any time! I'm out of control!! Wheeee!!! Even right now, I don't know WHAT I'M SAYING! I hear words coming out, but they're, like, all random! Steam shovel chartreuse my water glass, please!").

Help me do better. There's got to be The Perfect Way To Handle It.

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