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Are you getting what you ordered?

gutreactions | Apr 9, 2008 08:09 AM

I have been hearing some disturbing stories from fellow diners in these parts that claim they are not always getting exactly what they order in a restaurant...for example, recently I had a chef tell me after a night out, that the hot new restaurant he went to substituted a pork chop in place of the far more expensive veal chop he had ordered (the pork chop was crusted in a manner that left it unrecognizable to the untrained eye). He did notice the shape of the bone though and knew right there and then that he had been misserved (no change in price once the check came either)...He did not say anything to management, he did not want to cause a scene, but he will definately not return.
I have also heard from some food realm professionals about certain types of fish that have been substituted at other spots (salmon in place of wild salmon etc.)...This is cheating the customer on the highest level. Isn't it illegal too? Have you had a similar experience? What can be done to stop this pitiful practice...

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