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What to order...Cantonese?


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What to order...Cantonese?

iron frank | Aug 28, 2001 12:45 PM

There's been alot of discussion(battles) lately about
the greatest Chinatown in America. Well I'm headed to one of the best, Vancouver. The Cantonese cooking is supposed to be much better there than in New York but often when my wife and I get our menus we are overwhelmed. Everything is vague and poorly translated. What specific dishes should we order that two people could best appreciate the depth of the regions cooking style. Qualifications, non-deep fried is preferred(casseroles, rice pots?)and also my wife is not a fan of whole-fish thus leading to many a pre-order "discussion". It's often so confusing for a couple to order as we are often taking up a table for ten in a huge restaurant filled with families. The dishes are also portioned for sharing for more than two as well and there are no leftovers when we hit the plates.


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