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And the orange dessert was :


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And the orange dessert was :

Sylvia G | Mar 16, 2004 01:05 PM

First of all, many thanks to all the people who gave me wonderful suggestions about orange desserts. I filed them, and am going to try them all.

This is what I did for Sunday's dinner:

I peeled navel oranges and macerated the sections in Grand Marnier early in the day, turning them every couple of hours.
I used my potato peeler to make shavings of a good dark chocolate, and kept the shavings in the fridge.

At dessert time, I filled stemmed sherbet glasses (I think they were originally considered champagne glasses, but the cups are wide and short) with the macerated orange sections and a little of the Grand Marnier juice.
I put a blob (kind of flattened) of creme fraiche on top of each one.
Then I sprinkled each one generously with chocolate shavings.

My company went crazy over this! We are seniors, and no one is eating cheesecake, pastry, etc. these days. The oranges made them feel virtuous.
This dessert was easy, refreshing and delicious. And it looked beautiful!

Special thanks to Wally is tried it out immediately.
But I loved the other suggestions, and as I said, I will definitely be trying them.


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