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Orange compromise


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Orange compromise

Soop | Dec 12, 2012 04:20 AM

Good day to you all!

I've started eating more fruit and veg recently, and I'm trying to find the right orange.

This morning, I ate a clemantine, which was nice, especially the easy to peel skin, and no pips, plus the texture was excellent. Very juicy. But the juice itself was a little sweet, lacking the acidic punch I was expecting.

Just went and bought another one from the canteen (the first was from home), and it's almost the opposite. It was seedless, and the juice tastes great, but it was a fuss to peel, and the dealbreaker, the flesh - or rather the segment walls - were very thick, and after you swallow the juice, doesn't taste very nice. Kind of bitter.

Is there a variety of orange that will give the acidity I'm looking for with the texture of a clemantine? I recall having this problem as a child and I didn't find the solution then.

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