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Options for high heat searing on smoothtop

spiffy_dude | May 9, 200806:48 PM

I've asked this here a while ago, but I'd like to get more opinions. I have an electric smoothtop stove and I want to sear steaks. I used to have an electric coil, so it was pretty straight forward: get a cast iron skillet, and crank up the heat.

Reading the manual for my finicky new smoothtop, I'm not supposed to use cast iron since it may damage the ceramic glass surface. I thought enameled cast iron might be the answer, but apparently they are not meant for high heat either. Furthermore, I came across posts that talk about the dangers of preheating on smoothtops due to the rejected heat causing damage. Ugh... I think I actually miss my ugly electric coils.

Fellow smoothtop owners, what do you do for high heat searing?

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