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What Is optimal wattage for Microwave Popcorn?


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What Is optimal wattage for Microwave Popcorn?

Walnetto | Sep 30, 2003 09:56 PM

My 500-watt microwave that served me well for years has just bit the dust and I am shopping for a new machine. One of the problems with the old machine was that it simply didn't make popcorn very well. I am not a Popcorn Purist, so all I really want to do is throw a bag of the microwavable 'corn into the oven and a few minutes later get something I can actually eat, with a minimum of unpopped and burned kernels.

I am considering a 700 watt machine and a 900 watt machine. Both have "popcorn" settings, but is there an optimal wattage when it comes to popping the bagged stuff? Does it depend on the brand? (I bought a box of Newman's popcorn, hoping the bag would give me a clue, but all it says is cook on high.)

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