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An open letter to my house guest....


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An open letter to my house guest....

sunshine842 | Oct 14, 2012 08:22 AM

Dear Houseguest --

We are so glad that you could come to see us, and we had a great time visiting with you and showing you around the city.

I sincerely appreciate your tolerance when we had to do something for work, and respect your ability to head out on your own. I sincerely appreciate your keeping things reasonably neat and tidy -- my kids are expected to hang up wet towels and make their it's nice that you didn't have to be asked to obey the house rules.

I also appreciate your efforts to clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher....but....

The fact that my kitchen is not arranged like yours should not have been taken as an invitation to reshuffle my kitchen to meet your expectations, particularly when you didn't cook in my kitchen. I have specific places where I store things, and your efforts to re-organize me and my system while I was at work mostly just irked the snot out of me. Rearranging the front row of spices wasn't help -- it left me shuffling through the cabinet while things lurched out of control on the stove because I didn't know you moved things, and I don't know what your system is.

Really? If I tell you to just leave my kitchen alone because I know where everything is, I expected you'd take that as a real answer, not some vague protestation --- and your actions indicated that you feel my system and my kitchen aren't up to your standards.

So next time, really -- stay out of my kitchen. I want you to come back; I want you to enjoy yourself -- but my kitchen is MY kitchen and MY domain and you need to keep your mitts off, and since you can't help yourself -- just keep out.


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