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Oops...the shrimp were not already cooked!

ChiliDude | Dec 30, 201110:46 AM

On the 5th day of Christmas 2011 I went to our local seafood store for cocktail shrimp. I looked in the refrigerated display case and saw pink shrimp where cooked shrimp usually are placed. Oddly, I was the only customer, so I had the full attention of the store owner. I pointed at the 21 to 25 count per pound and placed my order.

On the 6th day of Christmas 2011 I took the shrimp outta the fridge at 8 a.m. to start peeling them for shrimp cocktail. Uh-oh, I discovered that the shrimp were still raw. The wife was still arising from her beauty sleep, so I could not bother her about my 'sbaglio' (we don't do French in this household). My wife will not allow boiling shrimp EVER in our house because of the STINK.

It was decided that the shrimp should be done under the broiler with the kitchen fan at medium ventilation velocity. The shrimp were place on a baking sheet that was covered with no-stick aluminum foil. The rack onto which the baking sheet was place on the oven shelve 2nd down from top. Five minutes under the broiler for one side, the shrimp were removed from the broiler, flipped, and broiled for 2 more minutes.

ECCOLA...PERFETTO! (did I say we don't do French in this household?).

The guests are expected around 4 p.m. and the shrimp are chilling out in the fridge. The homemade cocktail sauce is in the wings awaiting to perform miraculously by imparting its flavor to the bland beasties.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE (Felice Anno Nuovo tutti)!

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