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Ooops! Spilled red wine on the carpet.


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Ooops! Spilled red wine on the carpet.

Erin | Oct 11, 2005 11:59 AM

I figured that other hounds have had this problem before as it is inevitable if you are a wine lover. Last week I was packing for a weekend trip and decided to have a glass of red wine while I was getting things ready. I put the glass on my ironing board (stupid, I know) and proceeded to knock it over. I sat there and watched it spill all over my light beige carpet. I was horrified and tried my best to clean it up with towels. I pulled my trusty Wine Away out of the cabinet and went to work. I applied it 8-9 times to no avail. Wine Away has never failed me for tablecloths or clothes, but this was the first time I have used it on carpet. I gave up, left for my trip and decided to tackle it when I got home. Over the weekend, A friend told me about a product called Spot Shot and I bought a bottle at Target. Last night I sprayed a hefty amount on the two large red wine stains, blotted with a damp towel and the stain disappeared. I have never seen anything like it! So, hope is not lost if you happen to spill a full glass of red wine on your light carpet or even your white couch.

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