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"Ooh! You Made Bruschetta!"


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"Ooh! You Made Bruschetta!"

katiepie | Jul 5, 2007 11:44 AM

I'm not sure who out there has seen the new Nabisco Sociables cracker ad, but it makes me INSANE.

A couple of housewives are getting ready for their monthly book club meeting. As they are talking about the food, one of them comments, "Ooh! You made bruschetta!" and the other one talks about how easy it was to make... just dice up some tomatoes and onions, and add your favorite Italian dressing (gasp!) Then... this is the worst part... they talk about putting the "bruschetta" on the new Sociables crackers one of them brought over.

As far as I was schooled, bruschetta is grilled bread brushed with olive oil and whatever toppings you want to put on it, whether it's tomatoes and onions (and NOT with Italian bottled dressing, shudder!) or something else (chopped olives, prosciutto, etc.) It got me thinking... maybe I am confused. Am I thinking of Crostini? I always thought Crostini were little toasts, also to be brushed with olive oil and topped with whatever you want. Is bruschetta really diced tomatoes and onions? Or are the Nabisco marketing people IDIOTS? (I think I already know the answer to this question.)

Every time I see this commercial it makes me crazy... I had to share my feelings with fellow 'hounders, the only other people in the world who might be bothered by something as "trivial" as the true meaning of bruschetta. :)

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