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Online Food Ordering..... From Haiti! [Moved from Home Cooking]


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Online Food Ordering..... From Haiti! [Moved from Home Cooking]

murray6789 | Jul 7, 2006 09:40 PM

I find myself in Haiti for a couple of years, and while we are flush with avocadoes, mangoes (if you are a mango lover, try to get one; they're string-free and delicious!), and pineapples, the grocery stores leave something to be desired. Because this is an island and (beyond rum) not a lot is produced here, they're chock full of relatively basic American products at 125% the price that you would find in the US. I can deal with that, but now that I know that, sadly, I'm not really going to eat on the local economy, I'd like to have some resources for ordering NON-basic, non-perishable food products to stock my dreary pantry.

Because of the complicated way that I get my mail, I can't order fresh or frozen anything. I like Penzey's for spices. Beyond that, I'm at a loss.... can you help me build a list?


Ann Marie

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