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Help!!!! Onion from HELL breath & aftertaste day after eating..................


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Help!!!! Onion from HELL breath & aftertaste day after eating..................

jrvedivici | May 15, 2014 06:16 AM

I come to you my fellow hound countrymen/women on bent knee asking, no begging, for your kindness in sharing a remedy to get rid of bad, super bad, onion from hell breath and after taste.

Last night I had a delicious salad that had fresh raw red onions. I LOVE onions and even took my buddies who picked them out of his salad because of his own onion issues. So I had double onions and I loved it. When I got home last night I brushed my teeth before bed, when I woke up this morning I brushed again, actually I've brushed 3x's this morning, even brushing my tongue/mouth to the point of gagging. (in the process of gagging myself this morning I started to cough/dry heave and have pinched a nerve in my neck!!)

I have the worst onion dry mouth in the back of my mouth near my throat. Thus far I have done the following;

1.) Brushed 3x's
2.) Gargled twice, even swallowing some to make sure I got back far enough
3.) Brushed my tongue and mouth as mentioned above
4.) Drank a ton of water and coffee at this point
5.) Ate a "heavy" breakfast for me, normally I just eat grapefruit, but I got a breakfast sandwich hoping to "cover" the taste.
6.) Chewed 2 pieces of Orbit gum, one of which I accidentally swallowed while trying to rub it around the back of my mouth with my tongue. Not an easy task.
7.) I took some alka seltzer this morning as well, at first thinking it was a result of agida.

So far nothing has worked, I have a dull dry onion type after burn in the back of my mouth that will NOT go away. Every time I swallow it's like eating a bite of onion and well it's just gross.

I ask my fellow any of you have a sure fix for a problem like this? I'm afraid to speak to anyone in the office I think I have Shrek breath. HELP !!!!!!!

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