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Ongoing Feedback for New Conversation Types


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Site Feedback 179

Ongoing Feedback for New Conversation Types

Jacquilynne | Jul 28, 2014 06:46 PM

Today we've launched a fix to resolve the ordering issues you were seeing in Q&A. Answers are now correctly ordered, with the answer selected by the original poster at the top and then all other responses sorted by total votes.

We're also working on adding the ability to see who voted on each Q&A answer, and on adding a closing paragraph option to make Photo Stories more flexible.

We've seen some great example of Q&A posts to date. A few we particularly liked:

- What are the best hard ciders?
- How long is too long to brine pork chops that are 2 in. thick?
- Quick! Where should we have date-night dinner tonight? (in Minneapolis-St. Paul)

We'd ask that everyone stay on topic and provide useful food-focused answers when posting on Q&A threads. Feedback about Q&A as a format should be brought up on the Site Talk board, to avoid taking people's questions off on a tangent.

We'd also love more feedback on the Photo Story format. Here are a few good examples so far. Check them out and tell us what you think of the format. Or, just check them out because they contain some amazing photographs of food.

- Piemonte 2014, Part II
- Try the Pomme D'Amour Pastry from Knead Patisserie, SF Mission (PICS)
- My Chowhound Wedding:
- Addictive Eclectic Ribeye with Poblano Pepper La Crema Sauce, MONEY [El Asador Steakhouse, Detroit]

There are also some great links going up using the new link function. Check out this one about Dolmas with an embedded YouTube video: We're doing some more work on the Linking function to make Links to other commonly used sites look this great on Chowhound, as well:
- Ricettario definitivo: 50 spaghetti recipes:
- Francois Payard tries supermarket snack cakes:

We have a number of additional improvements lined up and want to thank everyone for the feedback thus far. We've locked the initial feedback thread, since it was getting hard for many people to open, and started this new thread for ongoing feedback.

We hope everyone will focus on providing new feedback going forward -- the previous thread is still there, and we're working on determining where we can make changes that address that feedback so there's no need to repeat things you mentioned previously.

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